zSQLgate - Generic Z39.50-to-Relational Database gateway server


zSQLgate provides an Z39.50 interface to your relational databases. That is, it provides a generic gateway between the Z39.50 Information Retrieval protocol and pretty much any relational database you care to mention.

Please be aware the zSQLgate is not Free Software (although the licence is fairly permissive). See the Net::Z3950::DBIServer::LICENCE manpage for details.


Configuring and Using zSQLgate

The documents in this section are of general interest to anyone using zSQLgate. Everyone should read the licence; also the introduction, to understand what zSQLgate is, and what it can and can't do. The next steps would normally be the installation guide and then the tutorial.

Those wishing for more technical detail than those documents provide should proceed to the invocation manual and the configuration-file specification; although for most purposes, the tutorial should provide enough information on these subjects.

API Documentation

These documents describe the internal programming interfaces to the various modules that make up the guts of zSQLgate. They are probably of interest only to developers wishing to work on zSQLgate internals. (I wrote them primarily for my own benefit.)


Mike Taylor <>

First version Saturday 2nd February 2002.


Apart from the documents included in this distribution, which are all described above, you may find useful information from the following sources: